The Versalab tool also works very well to make large enlargements by the "rotating the enlarger-head and put something heavy on the baseboard" trick.

To get a 24", or larger, projection size (of which I'd admittedly only use 20") from my colour-head enlarger I turn the column round over the edge of the workbench. As I know the lens and carrier are aligned from normal use of the enlarger (checked with the Parallel tool), I put a sheet of chipboard on the floor, forming the temporary baseboard, with three rubber doorstoppers to support it. With the easel on the temp-baseboard and the Parallel on the easel, I can then move the angled doorstoppers in and out until the dot comes back down on itself, reflected from the glass neg-carrier (lens removed for this trick).

It is almost as quick to do the alignment as to type the explanation. A remote-focussing extension is still needed to focus though, unless one has arms five feet long!