I have a complete polaroid cu-5 camera with 75mm (3 inch) Tominion Lens. I bought a new power pack for the flash unit. I have all three spacers for photographing items at different distances and have the rare polarizing filter as well. This one uses the cheaper pack film 100c size made by fuji. The camera works perfectly and includes hardshell case and instruction manual rarely found with these. I am also attaching a photo taken with it. It is a great macro camera and has lots of possibilities. I'll take 200.00 plus shipping for the entire lot, the brand new power pack for the flash cost me 75.00 bucks. Shipping to the US ONLY due to weight please. Email or pm me if interested. Thanks, Mike.

PS: The new power pack for the flash unit is not pictured. Will photograph it later and post, sorry about that.