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My life is different, thank God. All I have to do is not be stupid and poison my own well or sterilize the septic tank. So my gallon a year of fixer gets poured out on some tree stump I want to kill. Most likely a sweet gum. I like being an ex-city boy. Wish these big farm businesses would quit bulldozing 150 year old perfectly good barns. I'm going to run out of things to shoot. Shooting film is way more fun than shooting possums stealing the kitten's food. Cameras don't kick, and it's way more fun.
Are you serious?

You honestly pour it into the ground? I guess my story about my grandfather didn't really get heard... PLEASE consider driving down to your local dump and giving them the fixer... I mean, just pour it into a milk bottle and drive it over, it's not too hard and really terrible for the environment (and your well) to pour it into the ground... Please... For us all...


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