I do not have extensive experience with different lens designs, so I can give limited advice. In it's proper configuration, my original statement is true that a 150mm lens will require 300mm of bellows draw. Now, there are a number of sources which indicate that lens which are non-symmetrical (like your retro-focus examples) may work better at macro work if you reverse the elements (rear elements in front, front elements in back) in that they give you more magnification. A symmetrical lens would not change, since it's front and rear elements are identical. So, a reversed non-symmetrical 300mm might only need 400-450mm of bellow draw to get to 1:1 or it might get 1:1.5 on 600mm of bellow draw.

Some people report poorer image quality when reversed (i.e., more distortion or diffraction) and some people report no difference in quality of images. Using such a long lens (such as the 1100mm) would require enormous bellows, which is evident when you see these cameras - there is a photographer in Chicago making 4x6 foot negatives who needs 30 feet of bellows in order to a photo of a model (probably more than 1:1).