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"A watched pot never boils"

I've sworn off looking at the site tabulation of backers and dollars pledged. Just too excruciating. I'll check back on Monday and in the meanwhile chase 90mm lenses.

If this really slows down near the May 2 deadline, then the backers (like myself) who pledged the minimum $99 dollar amount might look seriously at increasing their pledge amount. I certainly will. An additional $15~25 from each $99 backer could then push it over the goal.
+1. I hope they can get there without this of course, less because I'd mind kicking in another twenty five bucks or so (I wouldn't) than because it would mean more cameras going out and more film being shot and more LF film being shot, but if we get close without going over as the deadline approaches I think this is an idea that deserves promoting.

It's really looking like they'll get there though.