Spijker - Mike's method will work way better than any cheap laser. You can never assume that those
kinds of gadgets do what they claim, any more than you can assume that a cheap carpenter's square
is actually square unless you have a more serious machined reference. I've not only sold many kinds of
lasers but have conceptually involved with various manufacturers in what comes to market. And for that
kind of money you'd be lucky if a kitchen cabinet was level. The width of the beam is contolled by OSHA so it won't be intense enough to blind you; and that equates to a fairly thick line. Enlarging is
usually more critical. A lot of the things I say might seem like overkill, but all these little things add up.
Yeah, One of my enlargers actually has a machined easel that is dead flat and weighs about four hundred pounds! That would be overkill for most people. But it did warrant the whole nine yards approach to leveling. I would recommed, however, that one acquires a well-made level with one machined edge, as well as a longer machined straightedge (or one device with both characteristics).
Fifty or seventy-five bucks spent that way will be a lot more cost effective than some half-assed made
in China laser (maybe fine for leveling a sandbox or fence line).