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I'd like to ask: Why Konica?
1. Besides the basic 3, lenses are hard to find and when they do go on sale, they get snatched up by snipers.
2. Being first to implement a technology (TTL AE in this case) often means it is less refined.

-I am not trying to complain. I don't know much about the system.
I am just trying to understand the fascination.
I seem 85 and 200 often at Ok prices, other lens seem to be rare. The EE on the Konica T was good, shutter speed and apature in the viewfinder, flash at 125th. The only draw back was no spot meter as in the Miranda EE, and were late with winders and never really made a drive. Lens quaility was some of the best of the time and still holds up. Looking at all the folks who dropped out of the market, seems that for the most part they could not or did not want to invest in electronics such as Canon, Minolta, Pentax and Nikon. Although Konica dropped out of the SLR and MF remained in the market still with some very nice point and shoots and up scale 35mm auto focus and rangerfinders.