I happened to have come by two 8x10 film holders. And I don't have an 8x10 camera (yet). With worldwide pinhole day coming up, I figure I might as well design a camera to use the holders. I've made my own pinholes before - one for my 4x5 with a 5" distance between the pinhole and the film (I think it's about f284, IIRC, it's not nearby to check) and several for oatmeal canisters that held 8x10 paper, though not flat out, of course. What's a good hole to film distance and corresponding pinhole size? I won't be striving for perfection, just something usable and fun for the first try. I couldn't find the site with the calculation table I used before, so I thought I'd ask and see how many varied ideas I could glean. TIA!