I've read a fair few threads about the Olympus OM cameras and I'm keen to get one. I'm still just a bit unsure about a few of the features and how they might apply to the way I photograph.

I think I'm mainly considering the OM1n versus the OM2n. The OM4 seems much more expensive. I shoot manually and rarely use aperture priority and so on.

Reasons why I'm looking at this camera range.

1. Lightweight. I'm really 'over' carrying big heavy cameras around. I was even considering getting a new Bessa. I like rangefinders, but I also use SLRs and I've heard great things about the OMs and I also heard that even the lenses are quite light - true or not?.

2. I can't quite work out the light meter situation with the OM1n. Can you see the meter through the viewfinder? I don't need intricate measurements. I just want the meter to be more or less accurate.

3. Also, are batteries easily available? I get the impression that OM2 batteries are current and fairly easy to get, whereas OM1 batteries are not? I don't want to have get anything converted or adapted.

4. However, I quite like the idea of the OM1 shutter being mechanical.

Anything else I whould be thiking about when making a choice? I am not a collector. I want to actually throw the camera in my bag/pocket and use it on a day-to-day basis.