I forgot to put in details.

I'm on my second OM-1, my original being in the desk waiting for service (not bad for almost 40 years).

I have no idea of current prices. The 2nd was bought from eBay for $42 about 3 years back and rebuilt by John Hermanson (zuiko.com) for about $110. (I looked for my bill email, but I guess I did not file it well.)

If you are better than I am at buying used stuff, you might skip the refurb/rebuild. Since I already knew the product and already loved it, it was worth it to have it brought to spec before I used it.

OM-1s in unknown/random condition are or were cheap. When I spent $42, I could have spent $25, but the difference wasn't that much to my budget, and I wanted a fresh body to use.