Whats up? I wanted to pop in and say hi! To tell you all a little about myself as a photographer, I am not pro, I do it because it makes me happy. I started life with my parent's Spotmatic II which my dad picked up in the Philippines during the Vietnam conflict. I was robbed at my house in '99 and that body was taken. Luckily the lenses all stayed put, but I basically stopped shooting film for quite a long time. I replaced that Spottie with a SP1 with a sticky mirror then recently a SPII with a bad light meter. Still didn't go out and shoot film, I used a 350D for years instead.

So this brings me to the present. I have met local friends that are really into film and it got me back into it. I now shoot with my Mamiya C33, Calumet 4x5 Monorail, Olympus OM4T, 1DMKII, 650D, I think I have a disease. The list keeps growing, I started to process my own B&W film and built a darkroom around a Beseler 67C Dichro II. Next I am looking into C-41 and C-6 as my local labs rape for everything they do. And I am a cheap bastard.

So with that said, I found these forums and would like to join the discussion!

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