OM-1n on any day.

OM-2sp is lesser OM-4 but cocking shutter is not smooth with my camera.

Tele: Zuiko 85mm f/2.0 is good, but if cash permits you can get 100mm f/2.0. I personally do not see the use of 135mm.

Normal: Zuiko 50mm, but I seldom use this focal length.

Wide: 35mm f/2.8 is good when stopped down, but absolute beauty is 28mm f/3.5. I paid Euro 40 for 28mm and shot nearly 20 rolls during trip in Italy on last summer.

Macro: I do not have any macro lens yet.

Flash: I use Metz CL-45 with SCA adapter.

CLA: I have sent to Michael Spencer.

Please make sure you get flash shoe when buying OM-1(n).