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Those straps are pure junk.. why anyone buys em is beyond me. Pay the extra money n get a real strap for your beautiful camera.
And what strap would that be? I'm seriously interested as so far I've tried these:

1. The Hasselblad original thin leather strap which came with my 501CM. It is good on a body like that with a 80 and WLF but once you put a prism or anything heavier or try to use it with an EL body it just cuts through your neck/shoulder.

2. I then bought an Artisan&Artist Hasselblad strap which every collector that never has to use the camera recommends and if they do they carry it in a bag and only take it out carefully to take a shot then put it back in the camera. What a beautiful strap that is when you're looking at the camera sitting on a shelf. What a piece of junk it is when using it. The length adjuster is so crap it keeps slipping so after a couple of days it is down to full length and I have to readjust. Plus it has ZERO grip so once when I was not careful it slipped right off my shoulder. Luckily it fell on mud so the only damage was a broken hood but it could easily be a lens written off if it wasn't for the hood and/or the surface was harder. I'm still angry with myself for paying 80 for a strap that is pure and utter crap.

3. So now I bought the Op/tech SuperPro A I finally have a strap that may look a bit rubbish but lets me easily carry an ELX+80+A12+PM90 all day long without every feeling the weight. And it doesn't slip.

So really, what strap would you recommend that can hold an ELX with back and prism and 80 comfortably? The ideal for me would be something that looks like the original but carries the weight like the Optech.