I hope this doesn't come off as a sales ad as I am a subscribed member so I'm not avoiding fees.

I have a 90mm f2.8 Elmarit V1. I bought it because I have the 35 summaron and 50mm dr summicron and thought that it would match those two lenses best in terms of cosmetics/contrast/rendering.

Well I've owned it for about half a year and I have not used it much, once or twice. The reason why I don't use it is mostly because I love 120 for portraiture and would keep shooting 120 as long as they still make film (which I hope is many years to come). Now if 120 film ceased to exist, then I would honestly go digital with a FF RF or FF DSLR (I'm not sure which, I haven't thought about it much but I'm thinking in atleast 10 years as I think film will have a life for atleast that much time).

The reason why I want to sell it is because I simply do not use it and would rather buy gear that I use. I am selling a bunch of my gear so it isn't like this one lens is my major impediment.

Now I'm reluctant mostly because it is Leica. Although it is not expensive/rare/extremely desireable Leica prices tend to spike up very quickly over short time intervals and I would perhaps regret it in the future. What would you do? I guess, I'm used to selling gear that I know will not appreciate or will not appreciate too much (like SLR stuff) but this Leica RF stuff makes me uncomfortable. I am also eliminating a focal length (it would be different if I were to say replace a 50 cron with a 50 lux because I still have a 50).

Let it go or keep dead weight?