Having recently acquired a brand-new, 15-year-old Durst AC800AF enlarger, I quickly discovered that the original user guide and existing web resources were inadequate for my intended purpose: Using the AC800AF for automated printing of black-and-white negatives on multicontrast paper.

In the interest of helping others and perhaps encouraging the rescue of a few of these magnificent machines from the back corners of various basements and storage lockers around the world, I would like to share the information and insights accumulated over several months of deciphering the available documentation and trial and error.

I have created an original user guide focused on configuring and calibrating the AC800 for black-and-white printing of 35mm and medium format negatives using Ilford Multigrade Filters.

I hope others in the small cult of AC800 owners will contribute their corrections and enhancements to this document.

You are invited to read, download and add your comments to this guide which can be found at www.durstac800.blogspot.ca

David Thomas