E. von Hoegh:

It's a chrome FTN. Thanks for pointing out the N; I had no idea how to tell the difference.

I say heavy brassing because there are black parts of the camera that are brassed. The chrome parts don't display brassing obviously, but the chrome does show some superficial scratching (and dents on the bottom plate). The VF is dusty and the seals are toast.

The 55/3.5 is non-AI with scallopped aperture ring, diamond-pattern rubber focus ring, and the interior of the lens barrel reads: Nikon Micro-NIKKOR-P.C. Auto 1:3.5 f=55mm. Serial number for the lens is 785707. The lens shows very light scratching and paint loss, mostly on the aperture ring. The glass is perfectly clear; very little (to no) dust inside the lens.

Serial for the body is 3846239.

benjiboy: I'd get the lens AI converted, but I do not own any Nikon equipment and don't really plan to. I'm really quite happy with my Pentax setup, and save for a few lenses I'd like to own in the future, do not feel wanting for any other 35mm system.