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Wtf does that mean?
You have any examples of that?

About this pan-f conversation, i will post a picture that absolutely proves my point about the latent image theory being absolute BS. No matter what you or mister galley say. I'll do it when I'll have the time to do it. My real life is extremely busy. All these internet conversations are more childish then anything else to me. There's no "put up or shut up" with me. When I say something it is because I totally mean it.

Until now, no one has still convinced me that I am wrong.
As another said. Posting a print doesn't prove anything.

And "when I say something I mean it" doesn't mean anything either, if you're unwilling to send off the film to ilford, then you're ether afraid of being proven wrong, lying and trolling, or just plain lazy.

I'm watching "game of thrones" a show on HBO so I'm prone to say bold things like ...

"Either send the film or be viewed by all in the community as a coward and a liar!"

Haha I'm cheeky this Sunday afternoon


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