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Summing up, the consensus is that that anyone making comments like this "I don't get all these warnings and extra careful manipulations. I really don't care how I handle my films" and then making all kinds of unfounded complaints really can't be taken seriously.

Oh and BTW Stone from a few time zones ahead of you: It's still Saturday

Hahaha OMG it's SATURDAY!!!! That means I get another day!!! Haha so funny, I did an overnight on a movie set and came home at 7am (Saturday morning) and then passed out and woke at around 11am, but because I went to sleep on Saturday, I was thinking it was Sunday haha.

Your other response reminds me about when I was saying I thought Tmax400 was not producing any good tones and then said to someone who suggested changing agitation and I said "I don't care about agitation technique changes I want to not change anything and have good images" or something like that, and then I went and changed my technique (I compromised to somewhere in between my old and his suggested) and got some nice results.

Sometimes it takes time to accept that you're wrong or foolish, sometimes it never happens haha


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