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Whats up? I wanted to pop in and say hi! To tell you all a little about myself as a photographer, I am not pro, I do it because it makes me happy. I started life with my parent's Spotmatic II which my dad picked up in the Philippines during the Vietnam conflict. I was robbed at my house in '99 and that body was taken. Luckily the lenses all stayed put, but I basically stopped shooting film for quite a long time. I replaced that Spottie with a SP1 with a sticky mirror then recently a SPII with a bad light meter. Still didn't go out and shoot film, I used a 350D for years instead.

So this brings me to the present. I have met local friends that are really into film and it got me back into it. I now shoot with my Mamiya C33, Calumet 4x5 Monorail, Olympus OM4T, 1DMKII, 650D, I think I have a disease. The list keeps growing, I started to process my own B&W film and built a darkroom around a Beseler 67C Dichro II. Next I am looking into C-41 and C-6 as my local labs rape for everything they do. And I am a cheap bastard.

So with that said, I found these forums and would like to join the discussion!

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Hi Jason,

'Think it'll rain'? Yep I'm a Wa resident too. Born here, like your dad went to VN, lived in other places at times but the Great Northwest is my home. Welcome to the site! I've personally met many of the members here and made great friends.