It is missing a screw in one of the rail extension tightening things. The back has a loose part, that I think just needs a spot of glue. 2 film holders are wooden. Tripod is Anesco?, the weird ratchet kind. Oh ya the bellows, didn't notice any leaks, but who knows, they look nice. Has a sliding block. The lens is a Gundlach 8x10 Turner-Reich Anast. F:6.8 Ser. II. Front rise slips a little sometimes, but it locks ok.

I want to try to sell it "local" since it isn't the easiest to ship. I'm going to the camera show ( on Sunday and can bring it with me... or some dark alley if you prefer.

Here are some pics.

The camera is really cool, I'd love to keep it, but I want to let go of some of my excess.

$700 cash

I am a bit under the weather, so I might not make it to the camera show. I work in downtown Culver City and can easily meet at my work during the week.