You can check KEH and ebay as well as we can. My experience (YMMV) is that the FT and FTNs don't go for much money, maybe $20-40, depending on condition and whether the cold shoe is included (there was no hot shoe IIRC). The FT2 and FT3 do better, at least in part because they use a current battery. I paid about $20 for an FT2 in VG-exc condition at a dealers annual "tent" sale, but I considered that a very good deal.

I'm guessing about double that for the 55mm micro non-AI. As you would expect, there is much less demand for most non-AI lenses. The older metal focus ring non-ai lenses seem to go for more than the later rubber ring models. At about $40 for basic AI conversion (once shipping is factored in), buying a lens to have it converted is not economical.

The 55mm micro was often used as a "normal" lens, so the combination is not a "white elephant". But I would suggest selling the body and lens separately.

Needless to say, if you want to get the most for it, test the meter and shutter so you can describe it fully and accurately.