Thank you for your comments.

I have to say that I have been researching for a long tine on a way to have a website with content can be updated without any hassles and with a design that is decent. I tried several versions (flash and non flash) and also looked at commercial solutions available. Solutions were either too prohibitive financially, too complicated to implement (I am not versed in web developing) or the layout was disappointing to say the least or having unpredictable results depending on which browser you use. I even went the Wordpress way but did not really find any wordpress themes that suited my needs.

I find that Flash is the best option is available to me and this latest version suits my needs. My photo work can be dynamically updated and I can add more images without any difficulty and as such do not have to spend long hours to update the content and furthermore the layout is cross platform friendly.

i appreciate that some are using tablets where flash is not available but most people do have a computer where flash is installed in standard and, until I find a alternate non flash solution, I'd rather opt for a decent design and content that can be easily updated.

I have seen that a large quantity of photographer's website are made with Flash.

I do agree that the fluttering butterfly may be a bit distracting and hopefully, this will be corrected in the next few days.