Hmm, well remember I'm talking about TIME issues, see, the 3 bath kits have calculations for re-use, which in the kit I use is a multiple of 1.04 of the current time.. ie. if the time is 6:30 for the first process, the second run time is 6:45 etc. only for the first developer, the color and blix times stay the same.

You can get about 20 relatively consistent rolls of 120 from these times with a 1L kit in a 2 reel (of 120 or 3 reel of 35mm) Paterson tank if you do all of them the same day you can get more without too much color/exposure issues.

But what I'm talking about is time... Say I only have 4 rolls of E-6... I mix up the batch, do my two developing runs, then put the chemicals in the basement and a month later I want to do 2 more rolls. Well the developer has been sitting and oxygen has done SOMETHING to it to make it not good anymore even though I never "exhausted" it with developing. SO I'm saying, perhaps there's SOME good chemicals and SOME bad, and perhaps someone knows which are the ones affected by oxygen vs the ones affected by developing rolls of film, and I can simply add the chemistry that gets messed up by the oxygen/time issue?

Am I totally off the ball?


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