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Where do you place filters? I imagine using the red filter assembly with glass removed works. My Valoy lacks the filter so I can't try it. I just hold the filter, place the filter on top of the condenser or use graded.

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Yes, the under-the-lens holder works fine. The diameter of the Beseler's filterholder is a bit larger than the Valoy's redfilter. Which is good as you want the holder with a good distance from the lens (so you can easily turn the aperture ring). I have used my redfilter's bracket: took off the redfilter and attached the Beseler holder instead. That's the part where you need to do a small modification, but I forgot what it was exactly. Not difficult to figure out, and I will be glad to take some pics and describe step by step.

But since you do not have this redfilter unit, a visit to the hardware store should give you what you need. I am in my darkroom later today and will take some measurements of the redfilter unit.

I do think the Valoy II is worth this effort. Next to the 1C and 2C it is such a welcome permanent setup for contact sheets and small workprints. Like you say it hardly takes any place.

I wonder why Leitz chose not to give the Focomat 1C the anti-newton condensor of the later Valoy. Perhaps it is because with heavy use this is too delicate? On itself it is a great solution. I also have an earlier Valoy II with the clear condensor and use it with the anti newton glass of the 1C, or with something I cut out for the negatives . . .