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The Meogon 80mm f2.8 is one of the sharpest performing enlarging lenses ever. I can remember lens tests done in Practical Photography magazine back in the early 90's. side by side comparisons to the schneider componon S and Rodagon equivalents, put it hands down into first place. The Meogon produces even center to edge sharpness across most apertures starting at f4 through f16. Compared to the others, it had more sharpness, contrast, and resolved more lines per millimeter across more of the aperture range than its competitors.
That's a bit of an overstatement. Meogons are indeed good lenses and if you have one, no need to search for a replacement. But above statement would suggest that if you own for example a Componon S, you should get a Meogon and that is simply NOT so. It actually falls into misinformation category for me.