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Unique photo sells Champion chemistry. Its made in malasia, and their head office for NA is in Toronto.
They sell in pretty much every market around the world and make a "minilab" style C-41 kit made of DEV (+starter if you want it), Bleach, Fix and Stab.

At photokina i met with the CEO of the company who explained they are now going to introduce new smaller kits.
As of last time i bought any the smallest one could buy was kits to make 4X10L working solution DEV (in 4 separate 4L jugs of concentrate) and about X1.5 that for bleach\fix to fit the kit. Starter and Stab sold separately in fairly small containers (1L, lasts forever). The cost per roll on the 40L kit was somewhere in the 0.20-0.30 $ us.

The new kits are supposed to be 10L kits (concentrate packed in 4X 1L bottles) throughout the range. Data sheets and mixing capacity readily available from champions website.

Great stuff, lasts forever like the tetenal, or better, easy to mix, and has no hazmat rating in the US, so can be shipped with UPS\Fedex easily, and with some paper work can be shipped with USPS (just a liquid declaration).

Their stab contains formalin, so i would just use sprint stab (made locally, to me).

I will churn out a more detailed look at this with all the info.
Not for nothing but Champion bought Kodak's photochemistry business in 2006 and has been supplying Kodak since then.