The strap I use for my RB67 is the OEM Mamiya sold for $35 at Adoroma. It is tough as nails, wider, takes the weight and slides on my neck more comfortably when I swing my camer up for action.

The OpTec is generally too short to wear on your neck n under a shoiulder so the camera sits under an arm nicely tucked away so as not to slam the lens n wrench my neck when leaning forward.

The neck foam is much too grippy n doesn't slide up niely when bringingh my camera up for a shot. It bunches my coat n is never in the right place no matter how much I figet on each n every shot.

The generic plastic spade clips holding each side strap to the neck piece gives me such an insecure feeling. I have the same clips on my backpack n find they do pop open now n again under heavy loads.. so don't put too much merit in em or you may be sending me your equipment for dropped camera repairs.

As for price.. not a very good deal when the OEM was just a few bucks more. Oh did I mention the OpTec strap seem to be getting shorter over the years? I had one in the 80s then another recently form a customer.. so I compared the 2 n find it has gotten shoter by 8".. but there is an up siode to this.. you can buy extension sides that are exactly 8" longer for another $10. ummmm good business or just a scheme to sell the same old length strap for more?

Compared to your Hassy strap?.. never had one so I really can't say but I wonder if my mamiya strap has the same clips?.. seems MF cameras have 2 flavors of clips.. shop n try?

BTW if you are somwhat handy.. making a strap isn't very hard. You already have the origianl clips so all you'd need is some webbing material (comes in many widths n colors), couple spade clips.... all avaialable at sporting good suppliers such as EMS REI n alike.