Hey guys,

I loaded a roll in my Rollei 3.5f yesterday and processed it with disappointing results. The biggest thing was that the film was somehow imprinted with frame number and dots from the other side of dark paper. Like the paper wasn't light proof enough. This happened all through the roll. The next was it lacked dynamic range, granted maybe it was unfair to expect it to be like Ilford Delta 100, but come on..! It,s 100. The worst thing is that I shot 4 beautiful images of a Spanish Colonial church that was decommissioned for music and art events. Last night They had a musician playing last night as the sun was going down behind it with gradient sky and they had the front doors open, illuminating light coming out. The image was beautiful in the viewfinder. Unfortunately.. Thats all I got, a memory. The film didn't perform like the music inside. The best thing is I didn't get more than 1 roll of this stuff.