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I've been lurking here for a while, seeing what you guys are up to, watching, reading. Yesterday I downloaded a whole ton of designs and diagrams and pictures and stuff. I even went to the Bender website and out of sheer will power alone, managed not put anything into a 'CART'. Today, I printed out all those articles and diagrams and pictures....

I'm an engineer by education so I'm like a kid in a big new candy store here...er...as a kid who had many a mechano set back in the day, I'm really more like a recovering addict that has found a HUGE poppy field.

So, Art, what are you up to then? What are ya'gonna do with all your diagrams and designs? Should we be worried? Should we seriously consider informing the local authorities we think we have a terrorist on board of the forum?

C'mon man, tell us more....more...more...more...we wanna know it all!