[QUOTE=Lamar;1486271]Yes it is. This whole thread is a good example. I've been working in naval and commercial nuclear power since 1985 and about 20 of those years were spent in the field of Health Physics, I see this happen routinely. People learn a little then make statements based false assumptions about a subject to which the general public is very sensitive..... The media is terrible in their understanding of the field and is responsible in a large part for the proliferation of misinformation.

I bought on of those JANSJO lights you mentioned in another thread yesterday at IKEA, My 35mm f/1.4 Nikkor-N is under it now. I hope it clears it up, fingers crossed. Thanks for the info.[/QUOTE

My eldest son is also as nuclear phycisist Lamar who works at a leading U.K nuclar reserch facility, he tells me that the radiation dosage emmited by these Thorium lenses are a fraction of the dosage allowed by law to workers in the nuclar industry and are safe as long as you don't sleep for several years with them under your'e pillow

P.S The Jansjo lamp worked brilliantly for me, please let me know how it worked for you.