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I've been printing with Galerie lately and agree with the comment about paper surface. It has a nice finish and base color more pleasing than Adox. You can bend Galerie's image tone to the warm side of neutral by pulling the paper. Also there is limited contrast control with exposure. If you have two heads (dichro and condenser) you have more control. Whites are very clean. But, in some ways it's more difficult to use.
While condenser and diffusion sources certainly produce different levels of contrast that would be the hard way to go about it. The usual way of varying contrast with graded papers is with divided development. You have a tray of a relatively contrasty print developer, say Dektol or Bromophen, maybe a little stronger than usual dilution, and a tray of soft developer like Selectol-Soft - Freestyle sells an equivalent of Sekectol-Soft. Then you divide development between the two to achieve different contrasts between grades. Both Barnbaum's book and Adams' The Print (and presumably others, I haven't really delved into my copy of Way Beyond Monochrome yet) go into this in more detail.

VC papers are more convenient and allow burning areas with different filters but it isn't too hard to get intermediate grade contrast from graded papers.