I assume that there is an end product that you have agreed to provide. If you have agreed to supply 30 x 40 enlargements, the P67 is an excellent choice, but you will either have to have someone do custom optical enlargements, or consider either drum scans or something of near quality (Imacon?).

If you are expected to supply prints that are somewhat smaller, either machine optical enlargements will suffice (if you have a source) or scans of more moderate cost will do fine.

If the expectation is to provide small prints or web suitable digital images, then inexpensive scans should be fine (if done well).

You can always have negatives re-scanned later at high resolution if a few larger enlargements are needed.

Around here, labs will provide medium resolution scans from 6x7 sufficient for 11 x 14 prints for about $20.00 per roll (at time of processing).