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And yes, a tripod would be out of the question of course, for being too intrusive. The key really is to avoid any kind of formal embellishments, which inevitably come with using a tripod.

I'm using a metered prism with the Pentax. Thankfully the latitude of Portra means I only really have to meter once outdoors, in daylight. The trouble will come with the night shots next week, where I will have to push, and this is where flatbed scans probably won't cut it.
So, did they actually tell you explicitly no tripods/monopods?

I ask for two reasons. 1- When I'm doing paid asignment work with ANY type or size of camera, I use a support wherever physically possible, even in bright sunny situations. This makes a huge difference in the quality of the shots I can get. 2- You have a night shoot coming next week, the darker it gets the more support (and artificial light) is needed.

As to your night shots posing an issue for post process; only if you scrimp on exposure.