The glue is NOT worth trying, but it is your choice to do it anyway. I say this only because the bond has little space to make a permanent fix and with such a small area of contact, it is not going to be a sure fix. To extend that area, you would have to rough up the bases that are in contact and it would have to be done quite well, so you could sleep better, BUT we now get into bastardizing the camera (perhaps not everyone would agree). Every time you use it, you'll be thinking about that part, and what are you going to do when it fails at the least opportune time?

Screw replacement is a rather easy fix (and a good one, but its cost depends on whether you could do it yourself or a machinist would have to do it for you). If the latter, then you may still be far below the cost of the whole block, provided you find a local good machinist and not send it to the few, always mentioned here, camera repair shops.

Another option is to check ebay and similar as often you will see the rear standard on sale for not much money.