I thought these were new prices but maybe not. I would think the authors of these books and others would not like to see their books listed at $100 as that would discourage buyers. There are other books listed on Amazon for the person new to LF and they are selling in the $18 range. If Simmon's and Dykinga's books are out of print, well then perhaps they are worth that, but I would hit the local librarys before forking over that much coin. I wonder how LF books are selling these days. With MF systems going so cheap, it must be a hard sell. I had to sell the RB67 due to a lack of money, and after seeing the difference between 35mm and a 6X7, I'm thinking that when and if my ship comes in, I will look at LF. Otherwise I would sell the books I have. It is funny that you can hardly buy a new MF camera, but there must be 5-7 LF camera makers still going strong. I guess they will be until someone comes out with a 450 megapixel digital camera. Ric.