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Has anyone actually ever built one of these?

I just made my materials list which I hope to pick up on Wednesday, so I can get started on this.
I made one similar and it worked well. I used a pair of metal channel bench legs sold by hardware stores years ago. Then I added 2x4 on the top to mount my old Beseler 4x5 (the one with the struts out front) with screws. Then a piece of 1/2" plywood for a back. Another piece of plywood on the lower cross braces for a shelf.

Then, in doing very large enlargements, I would just move the Beseler wood base to the lower shelf and gain about 18 inches in height. I could gain another 6 inches if I put the board on the floor but never needed to do that. It worked extremely well.

I still have the parts, just don't have it set up so I cannot snap a picture. Hope my description makes sense.