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if the developer consists of part a and part b and you don't plan on using part b ?
why use the developer at all ?
Because I got it cheap with a bunch of stuff when a camera store closed

Seriously, though, it is a very small additive and I cannot find what it is for. While many attest to the longevity of TMAX mixed as needed, I've found few with the equivalent information for the RS version (after adding the packet, but not working solution).

I think the Kodak data is for working solution and unused concentrate. I don't think it includes dipping into the concentrate as needed, let alone with the packet added to the RS yet not a working solution. I could be wrong; been reading too many PDFs lately.

I doubt the B packet makes the difference between regular TMAX and RS, but one does wonder. That is why I've been searching for information on it. One can assume it is necessary or not - both are just assumptions.

For my purposes at the moment, however, I will be testing/comparing developers with a great deal of identically exposed rolls of film - all will be quite boring. So I might as well mix it - but then I'll not know what happens if I don't.

On second thought, since I'm wasting a bunch of film and chemicals to satisfy my own curiosity, I suppose I can wast 6 more rolls and divide the RS into "with B" and with "without B."