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Dear Stone !!

Do you know the „colour reversal club“ ??

There is a huge amount of information in the archive, and at least 2 VERY GOOD formulations.
My favourite formulation is the "E7" Formula, I assume this is as close on the Kodak formula as possible.


A more diluted and more contemporary formulation is the CRC e6 formulation.

Actually I do prefer "E7" formulation. Keep in mind that minor pH variations of the CD may be necessary for drum processing. Simply do some test strips and add sodium hydroxide solution 10% in small amounts to optimize your Process.

The late AGFA had a hobby / Drum processing pac with a Ph of about 12.1 for the CD…

Happy reading, this is / was a great site…
Regards Stefan

By the way, there are various patents on the net from Fuji too, they are quite similar to the Kodak formulations, but do use mostly slightly different Iodide and Bromide concentrations in the developers (less in the FD, more in the CD)
Wow ok! Excited to read all of this!


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