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It looks like a nice, compact unit. There's a picture of it and a bit of info here:
If anyone out there has one I'd love to hear their thoughts on it.
Hi Andrew,
last year some friends of mine (and myself, too ;-)) bought some of these small wonders because they are quite cheap nowadays.
Our primary target was the E6-process, here: TT-3-bath Kit. Works flawlessly, also C41 (TT, 2-bath). One of the nicest features of the Filmetta is speed: due to the small-volumed waterbath, the machine is ready within 30 min to process the first E6/C41-films. It needs no plumbing, just plug it in, put the tubes into some containers for waste-chemistry (it separates the chemistry) and you are ready.
B&W-processing works also without any problems, but here you will notice the limitation to a maximum of 320 ml chemistry. For example: D76 and XTOL need 100ml of stock per film. Undiluted: no problems. Diluted: 1 Film...
Thats the only reason I added a ATL2+ to my arsenal.
But for E6/C41 I will keep the Filmetta. Additional drums are quite expensive, AFAIR 180,- EUR, the sheet film holder 120,- EUR. The standard spools are really cheap, they are AP/Paterson style and work absolutely smooth. No fiddling in the darkness...
Ahh, one thing I want to add: it *is* possible to put more than 2 120-films into the drum. Just tape the two films together.