the orbital processor will work for 8X10 film, but you need to do a few modifications first to get even development.

Once you get one Google them and you will find all the info you need to spend 30 minutes (plus drying time for the glue) so you can use them for film.

Basically you need to stop the films sticking to the bottom of the unit (you can score them, or use small drops of glue, or even silicone "bumps" like you stick to glass so you can sit it on a table/under glass shelves), cut off the 2 plastic "fins" under the lid so the developer flows evenly around the unit (the fins were designed to swirl the developer around the paper surface, but can cause uneven development with film), and replace the pins that come with it with longer pins (I used used a plastic knitting needle)

You only need 200-250ml to cover an entire sheet, and I always pre-wash the film in plain water for 5 minutes before putting in the developer.

I finally got one after looking for a few years, and prefer it to my Jobo 5x4 drums for quick processing of a couple of sheets of film