Whatever... I will say that my claim has not changed. You implied I was lying, get over it. I am not sure I understand your reference to being "what now apparently based ONLY on a test in a magazine." Means? Did I say or imply anything different to that? It was a magainze test I was referring too. I was quoting what I read, and saw with my own eyes in a magazine test many years ago, I was not telling or implying people to sell their Componon's and buy Meogon's... Also as an owner of a Meogon 80 f2.8, and have owned a componon's in 80mm some years back. I can sit quite comfortably knowing that the Meogon I own is better in my opinion. So please enlighten me, and let me know what you and many others feel are better lenses, and why? Also show me actual print scans on an APUG gallery instead of hiding as a member versus a subscriber.