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If you want to see what's left of a once thriving Kodak plant

This used to be Kodak Australasia in Melbourne and the attached image is an aerial of it in it's heyday. No doubt Toronto and other cities have a similar story and it happened in these places some years ago. OzJohnAttachment 67028
How old is that photo?

Kodak is long gone in Melbourne. So is Agfa, who's warehouse/factory was nearly as big in Nunawading...

Ilfords factory has gone too - although the one I knew in Notting Hill was only a fraction of the size of the above 2 sites...

It's called progress....some companies have kept things going for too long without modernizing. And Kodak was one of them.

I remember going out to the Kodak factory in Coburg in the 80's to use one of their machines because our Kodak machine (I think it was out "new" printer) had broken down, and I was given a quick tour around the place. So many of the machines were literally held together with gaffer tape, wire, and no doubt some prayers.....I'm not kidding - they told me the film processing machine for Kodachrome hadn't been shut down for years, because they were worried if they did they would never get it back up and running again.

15 years later I spoke with a guy I knew who was doing some electrical work for Kodak in Coburg, and from what he told me things hadn't changed......

Who knows - if these companies had moved their manufacturing plants into newer, smaller premesis with more efficient production machinery then maybe they wouldn't have been effected so much by the downturn in film sales & processing.