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I am not sure Schneider even made 500 90mm angulons. :-)
Quote directly from the wanderlust guys:
"The supply of Angulons on eBay and other outlets has been temporarily tapped out by Travelwide customers, but it will go back to normal after a few weeks... Keep in mind that we still need to manufacture the camera, so people have at least a few months to source a lens, and in the meantime, they can shoot with the included pinhole. The market price for Angulons can't climb too high, because there are so many of them out there!"

Well, I hope so. But they've smashed through the $85k target and still going, so we all get a pinhole to keep us happy in the meantime (every time over the weekend when I refreshed they'd added another few orders). If they hit $100k I want even more goodies...