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It may well be a good way of getting rid of warehoused Sensia without diluting the Fuji brand.
It could be this, but there can be other reasons. It could even be standard run Provia, sold to the Agfa marketing folks for a price, in large quantities, that makes it a wash for Fuji whether you buy the Fuji brand or the Agfa brand. Packaging and distributing film costs something, and it's possible Agfa can do it, within their markets, for less than Fuji.

Kodak sells, or sold as I understand it will be gone when current supplies are done, Tri-X to Freestyle for sale as Arista Premium, Foma sells them film for sale as EDU Ultra, and in past years Ilford sold them film (and maybe paper? not sure about paper) for sell under their house brand. These arrangements aren't that uncommon.