I know there have been several threads on this but I thought it best to place my request on a new thread.

A recent thread about its longevity made me research its other properties and it seems that depending on dilution it will do a range of tones from a light warm brown to dark brown in WT papers and from very light to warm silver through to cold to blue black in cold/neutral papers.

I did some research and stole the above categories from a description Les McLean gave several years ago when he explained what dilutions gave what colour and my thanks to his post.

Could any of you LPD users out there show examples of what these different dilutions produce as a print. A set of different tones of the same print and in both WT and cold/neutral paper would be ideal but any examples will be appreciated

This stuff is not easy to get in the U.K. but it might be worth the effort depending on the results on prints