Hello friends,

the facts about the current ("Made in Japan") AgfaPhoto CT Precisa color reversal film:
This film is indeed cut from Provia 100F masterrolls. Fresh stock.
That has been confirmed at last years Photokina by Fujifilm.
It has also been confirmed by Lupus Imaging (the company which is responsible for this film and is distributing it). They told their big clients "we have access to the current Fujifilm professional slide film programme". And the only ISO 100/21 slide film with normal saturation in this segment is Provia 100F.

We've tested this film intensively in the last 18 months, again and again. Under scientific lab conditions in our non-profit test lab, and permanently in the field.
We've also made direct comparison tests with Provia 100F, Sensia 100, Velvia 100 and Elitechrome 100 / E100G.
The results in all tests have always been the same:

- Resolution, sharpness, grain and contrast are completely identical to Provia 100F
- Colors are almost identical to Provia 100F: only some minor (more or less insignificant) differences can be seen, but only in close, direct comparison: This is probably due to the fact that Provia 100F as a professional film has optimal batch to batch consistency, and is cold stored in the distribution chain, whereas AgfaPhoto Precisa as an amateur film is allowed to have more tolerance and the normal distribution of amateur films.
- AgfaPhoto Precisa is definitely not Sensia 100; the color rendition and characteristic curve are different.

We've also talked to other experts who have tested this film in comparison to Sensia and Provia 100F, and all came to the same results we've got.

Summary: You can consider the current AgfaPhoto CT Precisa as the amateur version of current Provia 100F.
Excellent film with outstanding price-performance ratio.
It is easily available in Europe at extremely low prices.

Best regards,