Rather new to all this...

This was developed in a Jobo CPA-2 w/ Tetenal C-41 1L kit. I also used bottled/filtered water. (Might try distilled next). It was then put in a Senrac roll film dryer.

I used these instruction and followed them to the letter.
preheat drum +/- 0.5 5min
color developer +/- 1 3:15 3:30 3:45 4
bleach fix +/- 3 4 6 10 15
rinse +/- 5 3 (6 x 30secs)
stabilizer +/- 5 1

The reels had a lot of foam on them after the stabilizer step which I didn't do anything about, but put them right into the dryer. Could this be the cause of the stains? What Can I do about them?