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Offensive political rhetoric reported.

Now, I want to know more about recovering/handling/disposing precipitated silver.

I used to dispose of my chems through the tech department of the school I worked at, and have since been taking it in jugs to the local waste management, but as someone stated earlier, some "recycling centers" don't seem to be very well prepared to deal with used photochemicals.

If I have removed the silver from the fixer, is it still an environmental hazard?

The most popular methods of recovering silver are reduction with iron, usually steel wool, and precipitation with sulfide. There are several kits available for silver recovery, and they are the most convenient way of handling the problem. Silver recovery is usually done for economic, rather than environmental, reasons. As noted above, it's not so much the environmental impact of small amounts of spent fixer as what the local regulations say. They may or may not allow fixer without silver.