Thanks all so far. I had feared that the differences, especially between the different tones on cold/neutral paper might be so subtle that a scan of a print wouldn't show it. I imagine purely from Les McLean's category descriptions that WT paper is probably more responsive but its the cold/neutral paper where the differences are subtle.

I may be looking for the "Holy Grail" here but if I am honest I was hoping that even with neutral/cold paper that I could get a reasonably warm look.

If Suzanne can see a difference with her naked eye then I should as well provided my eye is as discerning.

Can I ask this to help clarify: How much warmer in relation to other WT developers can LPD warm up neutral paper? I am a RC user and have access to Ilford, Fotospeed,Kentmere and Adox RCVC

Any one of these papers more responsive than the others?

One additional question if I may: It sounds as if I'd need to go to 1:4 or even 1:5 to get warmth so how much does this extend developing time?

Thanks for your info on LPD as well, Roger. It would appear that Ag is my only bet and as you say it is waiting for fresh stock but I'll check Silverprint as well.