Keep it up and you may find yourself having a string of luck, as I did. I have always fancied portraiture, and years ago I started in on a small collection of tin-types. Through the years I focused on spotting good photographs amongst the ordinary. One day in an antique store in the middle of nowhere I spotted a portrait style photograph on a cabinet that I just felt I had to own. I had no knowledge of the people in the photograph, but the name in the signature sounded familiar. The price was low, meaning to me that the image was of no great value. But, I grab it up, rounded the corner in the store, and there was another portrait style photograph that I liked even more. Should I buy this one, or both? Yeh, what the hell. So, I bought them both, and took the home to do some research. In the end they turned out to be two original signed photographs by Dorothea Lange. I found that experience very exciting. I then returned at a later date to fine an original signed portrait by Olive M. Potts, a large signed photograph by Peder Sather Bruguière, and several photogtraphs possibly by Arnold Genthe or C.H. White. This led me to discover other lesser-known photographic artist's whose work I now admire. But, I must admit that one of the finest vintage portraits that I've found during my quest appears to be that of a photographic artist who's signature I can only translate to Akin. If only I could learn the processes used to create that image, I would be in heaven. Collecting original photographs can be a very rewarding pastime.